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Louise Fagan and Gillian Wise bring heaps of curiousity and a shared love of discovering extraordinary stories to their latest venture - The Sound Lens Podcast.

About Us

We're open to opportunities! 

If you have an event or project coming up, we'd love to get involved - send us an email!

We've got questions - and we're not afraid to ask them.

As mother and daughter, living in separate countries, our long phone calls bridged the time between visits. The conversations strengthened our relationship while deepening a mutual curiosity for what motivates and shapes us. 


It was during a walk in a park on a chilly spring afternoon, that we each revealed an interest in hosting a podcast. After achieving career milestones we were looking for a new creative outlet, a desire to try something new, to find connections outside of our circles. With our backgrounds in the arts and production, a mutual love of books and learning, launching a podcast was a natural fit!


We look forward to having you join us - with a sound lens!

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