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A podcast for 

the kind and the curious.

With laughter, warmth and honesty, The Sound Lens Podcast explores the authentic stories of its guests. Hosts Louise and Gillian, mother and daughter, bridge geography and generations to create a space that celebrates connection, compassion and transformation through a sound lens.


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Conversations, Relationships, Community

The Sound Lens is a space for thought-provoking conversation where guests share their stories, then dive deeper into the what, how and why. What is their perspective? How has their narrative been impacted? And why is it important to listen to each other?

Creatives, Educators, Entertainers, Athletes, Advocates, Bankers, Philanthropists, Leaders, Scientists, Authors, Lawyers, Poets, Dreamers...

We are surrounded by innovative, kind and audacious people. Whether on a global platform or in the coffee shop around the corner, The Sound Lens meets listeners and guests where they are.

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